Friday, December 18, 2009



The Bisquack parody was the creation of artist Jerry Jex. This title was the winner of an art contest sponsored by Top Shelf Enterprises (TSE). The contest was a fun way in which product parody aficionados tried their hand at creating their own parody designs. This concept was published as the second title of the Silly Supermarket National release. After the contest, TSE became interested in some of Jerry's other artwork and purchased the original art and copyrights for 10 additional concepts. One such title was the Liquid Mold concept which has since become a promo sticker for a future series. Jerry is also responsible for the Scream Whip parody which made its way into the final cut of concepts for the 2008 National Release. Jerry has a very unique style and his drawings appear to be done with marker, pastels and pencil. They are truly remarkable to look at the original concepts as there is a lot of precision and detail in all of his drawings. When you consider the medium being used, he managed to create a lot of depth within the design. On the merits we felt the title was "cute" with a witty "Betty Quacker" punchline. For TSE, it was a really fun time seeing what new entries would arrive on a weekly basis. We felt that all the artists did a great job in bringing their product spoofs to life. I would be remiss if I didn't post some additional concepts that deserve honorable mention from the other artists that created them. For infamy, I list them here:

Martin M.: Hounds

Paul H.: Grimspa

Mike D.: Sweet Baby Glaze:

Gary B.: Lazy Potato Chips

Check back for my next blog entry where I will cover the creation of the Blasted Flakes parody including variations of the design and a very cool color progression will be shared here for the very first time...

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