Sunday, December 13, 2009


BAD Parody

The “BAD” parody title prominently featured in the Silly Supermarket Trading Card National Release pokes fun at the renowned “Prince of Satire”. The original painting for this design measures 4 ¼” x 6 ¼ “. This artwork was done by “The Great” Jay Lynch, the artist responsible for numerous classic Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids parody concepts. While Mr. Lynch has done thousands of drawings in his illustrious career, full color painted designs are hard to come by. Painting was commissioned and completed during the late 1990’s for a private collector, Mike Gidwitz. The Artwork was purchased by Top Shelf Enterprises, Inc. (TSE) in 2005 and included in the All-New Silly Supermarket Sticker set. The artwork is exquisite and was painstakingly painted with tiny brushes and a “Jewelers Eye” to create the fine detail achieved in this piece.

On the sticker releases there are three variations of the sticker. On the first pre-release set, the BAD parody design is larger in size and the black border around the sticker is half as thick as the other two variations. In the second printing of pre-release sets, the image is shrunken to about 95% of the first variation. This was to accomodate a uniform border that was added to all the sticker concepts and includes a faux die-cut line as the pre-release sets were not die cut. The third variation featured in the 2008 National Release has actual die-cut around the image. There were approximately 300 of the first variation (thin border), 600 of the second variation (faux die-cut) and an unverified number of die-cut third variation. While the original concept was created by Jay Lynch, it was retouched (airbrushed) by one of the artists working on the Silly Supermarket project for Top Shelf Enterprises (TSE). The original artwork was published in the Brazilian Mad Magazine Edition #145 (shown below). There is wording that needs translation. If you are able to translate, feel free to post the translation in a comment reply to this posting. Three huge posters measuring 28" x 36" were also produced for the Philly Non-Sports show and signed by Jay Lynch. These are the only three posters that exist in the world and are still maintained in TSE's underground archive. Stay tuned for our next installment when we cover the Bisquack design from inception to finish...

Bad parody sticker variations from left to right: (Thin border, Faux die cut border, Die Cut border).

Brazilian Mad Edition #145:

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